Indian Urea suitable for Sri Lanka - Report

Indian Urea suitable for Sri Lanka - Report

by Teena Marian 12-07-2022 | 3:44 PM

COLOMBO (News 1st); The Fertilizer Secretariat said that tests have confirmed that the urea fertilizer imported from India is suitable for Sri Lanka's paddy cultivation and other crops.

The National Fertilizer Secretariat had examined the samples and obtained the report regarding the percentage of biurate contained in them.

Accordingly, the report states that the biurate percentage of the urea fertilizer is 0.9 percent.

Previously, 03 international laboratory reports were obtained regarding this fertilizer, and those reports also stated that the percentage of biurate is 0.65 percent.

Generally, the biurate percentage of urea used in Sri Lanka is 1%.

Accordingly, arrangements have been made to distribute this fertilizer to agricultural service centers across the island by Ceylon Commercial Fertilizer Company for crops including rice and maize.