Social Media activist & Artist Sudhaththa Thilakasiri summoned to CID

Social Media activist & Artist Sudhaththa Thilakasiri summoned to CID

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15 Jan, 2022 | 1:58 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lankan Social Media activist and Artist Sudhaththa Thilakasiri was summoned to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) on Saturday (15), to record a statement.

In a statement released on social media recently, Sudhaththa Thilakasiri said that he had been informed to provide a statement to the CID.

Accordingly, Sudhaththa Thilakasiri arrived at the CID on Saturday (15) morning to provide a statement.

Several civil society activists, artists, and political representatives were present at the location.

Speaking to the media, Sudhaththa Thilakasiri said ” I am thankful to Gotabaya Sir for the harsh treatment towards me, I canvassed for you in 2019 even with health difficulties by spending my own funds and got gastritis as well without eating properly for you to be elected Sir. Thank you very much for this gift I received in return for that”.

He also reminded the hard work done without expecting any rewards in return during the 2005 – 19 period towards the current Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa.

I am an Independent artist without any affiliation to a political party or group, said Thilakasiri.

” My voice will be raised for the sake of our children and the future generation at this time of an imminent catastrophe to this blessed land”, Sudhaththa Thilakasiri concluded just before stepping into the CID premises.

Meanwhile, Venerable Rajanganaye Saddharathana Thero a prominent figure in rural Sri Lanka said they came forward to speak out on behalf of the people of this country at a time where the country is being sold in pieces to the US, China as well as India and destroyed with corruption, bribery, theft, etc.

” People like us and Mr. Sudaththa faced many hardships and battles to bring you’ll to power and make you the President ”, said Saddharathana Thero.

No one can stop us from raising a voice. We have the same rights as you. You are just another family in this country, remember that, the Thero warned the higher echelons of the country.

The venerable Thero further noted that they do not speak out for ulterior motives but for the oppressed people of the country.

” We may be killed but that is not an issue, our country is in ruin it is facing a bleak era and we cannot let our people suffer any longer ”, said Venerable Rajanganaye Saddharathana Thero.

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