Chicken prices on high, 1kg north of Rs. 700/-

Chicken prices on high, 1kg north of Rs. 700/-

Chicken prices on high, 1kg north of Rs. 700/-

Written by Amani Nilar

12 Dec, 2021 | 5:57 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); The price of mutton, as well as the price of chicken has risen significantly over the last few weeks. 

When inquired about the price of Chicken in several parts of the island, traders in Colombo Fort stated that the price of a kilo of chicken in Colombo Fort today was between Rs. 750 and Rs. 780.

However, about two months ago it was priced between Rs. 550 and Rs. 600

A meat shop owner, speaking to News 1st stated that business has decreased due to the price increases these days, and it has become hard for people to live. 

Speaking further, the traders said that the price cannot be blamed on poultry farmers, as the cost of maintaining a farm has increased, along with the relevant medicines necessary, and the bird feed. 

 “When considering all those costs, the price of chicken has never risen this high. With the festive season near, the price will definitely increase even more,” he added.

Meanwhile, the price of a kilogram of chicken in Kuliyapitiya was recorded as Rs. 700, which was an increase of Rs. 100 in comparison to the last two months.

Moreover, poultry farm owners in Panduwasnuwara complain that they are unable to maintain their farms due to the increase in animal feed prices.

They allege that the price of animal feed has almost doubled, while the quality of the feed has declined.

A farm owner, speaking to News 1st said that a kilogram of feed costs more than Rs. 115, which in turn makes the price of eggs increase at the same time.

The farm owner also stated that most will not be able to continue to manage farms, and added that as of currently, there is no soy in Sri Lanka, which is the main ingredient of feed.

” If food prices go up like this, our farms will have to close,” he said.

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