Government rift over LNG deal sparks debate

Government rift over LNG deal sparks debate

Government rift over LNG deal sparks debate

Written by Amani Nilar

31 Oct, 2021 | 8:06 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); Several Government affiliated parties opposed the controversial Kerawalapitiya LNG power plant deal with the US-based Company New Fortress Energy Inc.

The Minister of Power, Gamini Lokuge said that if Government parties are performing the role of the opposition, they must switch sides.

He further stated that the very same parties are levelling absurd allegations before the entire country, and that the Government will have to make a decision on that.

” If they are planning to move forward by criticizing the President and those in leadership roles, we will allow them to do that by switching sides. We won’t allow them to do that while being on our side. Why are they doing this while being in the Government? They will have to leave if this continues,” he stated.

Meanwhile, former President Maithripala Sirisena stated that the MPs simply expressed their views and he does not see the action leading to crisis.

He went onto further state that there is no one to join hands with if the relevant members leave, and it is impossible to predict what would happen in the future. Sirisena also emphasized that it is not good to damage ties during this period as the country is not in a good position.

Moreover, SJB MP Kumara Welgama suggested that the only option for a group with alternative views to the Government, is to leave the Government.

However, the Minister of Youth and Sports Namal Rajapaksa stated that the Ministers could have expressed their views when the relevant Cabinet paper was put forward regarding the decision, and he stated that it is wrong to make statements instead of using that opportunity.

Acting like this, they will bring disrepute to themselves, the Minister mentioned, adding that they are criticizing the very Government which they formed.

Furthermore, SLPP MP Tissa Kuttiarachchi stated that whether the relevant MPs they stand with the Government or not, that he stands with the plan of the Government.

” If they have a backbone, we are challenging people like minister Wimal Weerawansa to resign from their positions. Please resign from your ministerial positions. They say they are doing this to push the Government on the right track. Do they have to express critical remarks openly to do that? They don’t have the backbone to do that. If they have the backbone, please name the people while accusing them. We don’t know whom they are referring to,” Kuttiarachchi stated.

Additionally, MP Weerasumana Weerasinghe emphasized that the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna as a party was born of small parties, and the very same group is now attempting to discard them.

He added that if the Government carries on its conduct while disregarding the small parties and attacking their views, they are destroying their own political journey.

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