Mason Up In Arms; Demands government intervention to control prices

Mason Up In Arms; Demands government intervention to control prices

Written by Zulfick Farzan

30 Oct, 2021 | 6:27 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); The COVID-19 pandemic left many people unemployed, while the rising cost of living added more burden to many sectors in society.

Among those badly affected by both COVID-19 and the skyrocketing prices of goods are masons, plumbers and carpenters.

A mason in Kurunegala decided to step out to the street on Saturday (30), to protest against the rising prices of goods in the construction sector.

He said the workers he represent have no work, because people who want to build homes are not doing so because of the high prices in cement and tiles.

“A single tile is Rs. 1380/-. If a person is to buy 100 tiles it will cost him Rs. 1380/-. Let’s say you buy the tiles, but you also have to buy cement and other material. Then there is the labor cost. How can anyone afford these at such prices,” he told reporters.

He said while there is a shortage of tiles in the market, cement prices are also high, making it unbearable for some.

“How can we feed our families? We have no work because of this. I urge the authorities to ensure that building material is available at a concessionary cost,” he added.

The mason said he is determined to get through this situation, even by sacrificing what ever he can, to support his family.

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