Mystery behind land dispute in Nittambuwa

Mystery behind land dispute in Nittambuwa

Mystery behind land dispute in Nittambuwa

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28 Jul, 2020 | 10:55 pm

COLOMBO (News1st): Controversy has arisen after two individuals have laid claim to the property that was owned by a businessman murdered in Colombo.

Christopher Asoka Dassanaike, a billionaire who owned several valuable properties was attacked at his luxury house in Colombo 03 on January 15 this year.

Among his property is a 32-acre land in Nittambuwa claimed by two individuals named Andrew Samarakoon and Danasiri Wijesinghe.

Danasiri Wijesinghe says he is a distant relative of the late businessman and claims the ownership of the land was granted to him by a gift deed.

Andrew Samarakoon, says he was in procession of the land and that he has a “Bim Saviya” ownership deed to substantiate the claim. He claims he was forcefully evicted from the land on Saturday (25) and not the other way around.

“What they are showing is a 2008 deed which they have not shown in court yet,” Samarakoon, who identifies himself as a relative of Asoka Dassanaike said.

“…not only am I an heir I’m also the administrator of his estate,”.

He said that Wijesinghe who is claiming ownership had worked for his uncle Asoka Dassanaike as a “watcher” and that the family had allowed them to stay on the land as they felt sorry for them.

Samarakoon says he went there to his bungalow to inspect whether any of the items in his property had been stolen. He says he sought the support of the Police as he feared that he would be attacked by the group that was occupying the land at present.

Wijesinghe who was at the plot of land opposed Samarakoon when he entered the property with police officers during the weekend.

“This land is owned by my father. A group of people are trying to capture this land by force,” Thilaka Wijesinghe, the son of Danasiri Wijesinghe, current occupant, claimed on Sunday.

Wijesinghe and his son Thilanka Wijesinghe are in remand custody over this issue and has been charged with obstruction of duty.

“Steps were taken to produce them in court yesterday under the charges of obstruction of duty, harassment and causing injury,” SSP Jaliya Senaratne said on Tuesday.

Three people including a former army officer had been arrested over the murder of the billionaire Asoka Dassanaike who died due to severe stab injuries and gunshot wounds.

His son was killed in an accident in the US in 2006, while his wife had also passed away following an illness in Sri Lanka.

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