Dog killed in horrific shooting in Negombo

Dog killed in horrific shooting in Negombo

Dog killed in horrific shooting in Negombo

Written by Staff Writer

07 May, 2020 | 8:16 pm

COLOMBO (News1st): When a dog in Negombo left its owners residence on Thursday, little did it know of a terrible fate that would befall it, minutes before it was mercilessly shot dead on the streets.

“I heard gunshots. My dog came running and collapsed before my eyes. Who fired these gunshots? Who owns these weapons?,” a teary-eyed owner, Brito Fernando, told News 1st, recalling the horrific ordeal.

CCTV footage suggests that the shooting had taken place at St. Anthony’s Mawatha in the Periyamulla area at around 6:20 am, leaving its owners grief-stricken in the aftermath of the incident.

The daughter of the owner echoes worries of being struck by a double whammy, as the dog that they owned previously, had also been poisoned to death in a cruel manner.

“When such incidents take place we begin to question humanity itself,” the daughter remarked, aghast at the incident.

The suspect behind the shooting was taken into custody following an investigation but was subsequently released on bail, hours after the arrest.

According to the daughter, the suspects involved behind the previous killing are yet to be brought before the law.

For many years animal rights activists and the general public at large have cried out for the enactment of an animal welfare bill and the enforcement of laws to prevent cruelty against animals.

However, as the draft bill continues to languish in bureaucratic limbo, one would recall the tragic death of a dog which was reported from the same area in January last year.

The suspect behind this killing was also released on bail.

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