Coronavirus outbreak: 811 deaths, 37,000 affected patients

Coronavirus outbreak: 811 deaths, 37,000 affected patients

Coronavirus outbreak: 811 deaths, 37,000 affected patients

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09 Feb, 2020 | 8:57 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st):- The death toll of Coronavirus patients stands at 811. This surpasses the death toll of the SARS virus in 2003. The death toll of the SARS virus was recorded at 774.

Coronavirus has as of now been identified in 24 countries. Total affected patients are 37,000.

As contrasting remarks are being made on the number of affected patients and the death toll, the Chinese government has requested its citizens to refrain from commenting publicly on the virus.

Wuhan is one of China’s major manufacturing cities as medicines and vehicle spare parts are manufactured in this region. Around 3000 foreign students are currently receiving education across 1500 universities in this city.

Sri Lanka’s Acting Ambassador to China K. Yoganathan commenting on the matter said:

“The Sri Lanka Embassy has made arrangements to bring 120 students to Sri Lanka after the outbreak of the coronavirus. Today we have a small group of students in Beijing, China. They have actually not decided whether they can go back to Sri Lanka or stay in China to continue there studies. We have advised them to take all the precautionary measures as advised by the local health authority as well as the World Health Organization. However, if any Sri Lankan gets to go back to Sri Lanka they can contact the embassy any time and if they contact the embassy we will be able to help them return back to Sri Lanka. At this challenging hour, we as Sri Lankans would like to express our solidarity to the people and the government of China and we hope that the government of China will be able to overcome this challenge at the earliest.”

News 1st also inquired regarding the condition of the Sri Lankan patients who are receiving treatment in local hospitals after being suspected of having contracted the virus. The National Institute of Infectious Diseases said that 15 such patients are receiving treatment at 5 hospitals.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Xinhua has reported that Sri Lankans have prayed for China’s victory against the novel coronavirus epidemic. The article read worshipers, were invited by the Sri Lanka-China Buddhist Friendship Association (SLCBFA) to invoke blessings on the Chinese government and people who are fighting the Coronavirus.

It adds, Sri Lankans, have taken many other acts of solidarity with China and will take more in the coming days. According to Xinhua, another prayer ceremony is slated for Feb 15 in Anuradhapura. It is also reported that on Wednesday, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, together with several cabinet ministers, lawmakers, and Chinese embassy officials, prayed in the Abhayaramaya Temple in Colombo in solidarity with China.

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