Three MPs summoned before SLFP disciplinary committee

Three MPs summoned before SLFP disciplinary committee

Written by Staff Writer

08 Feb, 2020 | 8:56 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st):- Three parliamentarians were summoned before the Sri Lanka Freedom Party’s disciplinary committee today (February 8).  Parliamentarians Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena, Dilan Perera, and S.B. Dissanayake appeared before the disciplinary committee.

This was in connection to a disciplinary inquiry being carried out against them for joining the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna after entering Parliament through the SLFP national list.

Q:- Isn’t the SLFP asking for a quota?

S.B. Dissanayake:-  Yes those are there in the newspapers. No one will ask for a 30% share. Some parties haven’t decided on whether they would join the alliance or not.

Q:- In which way and under which symbol do you think that the party can win the general election?

S.B. Dissanayake:- There is no dispute over the name. An agreement has been reached on the name. That is Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna.

Dilan Perera also spoke to the media following the inquiry and said:

“The disciplinary action being carried out against us cannot be to expel us from the party. The General Secretary who is carrying out the inquiry followed our correct political decision a few months after we did so.”

Q:- Why does the SLFP seek a quota of 30%?

In response Dilan Perera said:

“I do not know how the number 30 had come up. Because, if we consider the last presidential election, Gotabaya Rajapaksa has obtained around 70% of the votes. The SLFP only managed to obtain 1.4 million votes in the provincial council polls. If we consider that 1.4 million out of 7 million votes is equal to 20%. If it is 20% I do not know as to how the 30% figure had come up.

Q:- Will they contest the general election from the SLPP?

Dilan Perera:-  The SLFP should decide their place in the alliance which is in the process of being formed. If they decide to join the alliance only then will they can have the strength of the little finger. If they don’t then they will not possess the strength of at least half of the little finger.

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