“None can say that there are international coups when I’m opposition leader” – Sajith Premadasa

“None can say that there are international coups when I’m opposition leader” – Sajith Premadasa

Written by Staff Writer

04 Jan, 2020 | 10:56 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st):- Another rally of the series of rallies organized by the United National Party, to appreciate the support by the people during the Presidential election was held in Baddagema today (January 4). The rally was organized by the UNP Electoral organizer in Baddegama, Bandulal Bandarigoda.

Speaking at the event, the Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa said that it will not be a hard feat to achieve victory if everyone organizes truly and strongly. He further said that the reason they are divided is not because of their positions, but because the MP’s should be achieving their aims.

He further said:

“We are facing a lot of difficulties because of the recent defeat. It was the people who were defeated. Through the opposition leader’s office, we are taking measures to provide legal service free of charge to those who are subject to injustice. Our journey needs a new vision. I clearly want to say that in order to fulfil the duties of the Buddha Sasana, they resume the projects to build 1125 chaityas. 6.9 million people said that those agreements were signed to separate, divide and destroy the country. What is surprising is that there is no word about it. After results came out on the 17th there is no word about the MCC agreement. There are no discussions regarding ACSA or SOFA. We are getting information that they have appointed a more intelligent committee to analyze the ACSA and SOFA agreements. They will determine if they are good or bad. Did they say during the election campaign that they will be appointing committees to determine if MCC is good or bad? Is that why they got the people’s mandate. I urge the government not to deceive the people who voted for you. No one can say there are international coups while I’m the opposition leader. There is no chance that they could be created. The opposition leader position is held by a real patriot.”

Meanwhile, the former JVP Provincial Councillor Wasantha Samarasinghe also spoke about the Millenium Challenge Corporation Compact today (January 4).

He said:

“Some countries interfere directly. Some do it indirectly. What was the reason behind the attack carried out against the Iranian military leader? And before that, what about the attack made on the US embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. What was the reason behind that? That is the issue. The US confirms that it was a Military leader who was killed. Either the US funds these actions or makes their friendly nations do the job. The same thing is happening in Sri Lanka. The US government is blackmailing the government so that it will be compelled to sign the MCC. They have made all arrangements to make that happen.”


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