“I will not import a single vehicle for the cabinet of ministers” – Sajith Premadasa

“I will not import a single vehicle for the cabinet of ministers” – Sajith Premadasa

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20 Oct, 2019 | 7:59 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st):- Presidential candidate of the New Democratic Front, Sajith Premadasa took part in several rallies today (October 20). Early this morning, Sajith Premadasa participated in a public rally held in Geli-Oya. SLFP Electorate Organizer of Kandy, former Chairman of the Udunuwara PS, Bandula Seneviratne and a group of SLFPers extended their support to NDF Presidential Candidate Sajith Premadasa.

Speaking at the event, the Presidential candidate, Sajith Premadasa said;

“A lot of people are of the opinion that free education should commence from grade one. I have a different opinion. I think free and fair education should commence from the pre-school in the village. 70 – 80% of the mental growth of our children take place between the day they were born and until they are five years old. The pre-schools will be made free and the teachers and the care takers will be given salaries and allowances through the funds of the government. I will not stop there, the students at pre-schools will also receive the lunch. Sajith Premadasa will do this as the President.

The people of Nawalapitiya also warmly welcomed the NDF Presidential Candidate Sajith Premadasa today (October 20).

Speaking to the people here he said that he is a hero of the common man and that he will always protect them.

“Premadasa’s son will protect all citizens of all families living in this nation devoid of race, caste, religion, class and party differences. Strength is required to carry out rapid development in this country, you need talent. You also need commitment. We will create a Sri Lanka that does not sleep. We will create a country that develops with each passing second. This power of one family will be defeated with the power of the people. According to their plans, the younger brother will be the President, the elder brother will be the Prime Minister, the younger brother will be the Finance Minister, elder brother will be the minister of economics. The wife will be minister of women affairs, the son will be the youth affairs minister. Is this what the people of Nawalapitiya want? They want to own the whole country. I have a super engine with me. I will not take a single member of my family close, as soon as I become president. The positions will not be given based on friendships. It will be given based on talent. I am not an expired item. I would like to state, that there will be such a date and on that day we will not continue to remain in politics. If I do that, I am doing an injustice to the people” – he added.

Meanwhile, the rally held in Yatinuwara took place at the Sunil S. Abeysundara ground in Kadugannawa. Supporters gathered there despite the downpour experienced in the area. A group of members of the Podujana Eksath Peramuna also extended their support to Sajith Premadasa.

Premadasa says that he will not contest this election to protect the rich but that he will do it with the support of the common man. He further pledged that he would create an area unlike any other that is committed for the service of the people.

“Some raise questions, as to whether there are funds? To what is being said, I say, yes there is plenty. I will tell you as to how I will rule the country. There is a habit in this country, whenever there is a change in the government new vehicles are imported. I will not import a single vehicle for the President, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet of Ministers. I will not import a single vehicle, the vehicles that we have are more than enough. If there are repairs to be done, you can put it into the garage and get the repair done. If there is a minor repair that needs to be done, they say that you cannot use the vehicle and import a new one. That time is over. You must do the right thing before providing advice to other people. I would like to state my stance. When I am elected the President, Sajith Premadasa is not prepared to live a luxurious life as President. I will not live in an official residence. I will live in a private house that I reside in. I live in a flat. A large amount of your tax money is spent on the maintenance of Presidential mansions. This is a crime. That is of no use. The rulers should be on the ground and not in mansions. I will establish technical colleges that are of international standard to create the digital revolution among the youth. I will take steps to convert all of these mansions into technical colleges for the youth. When I arrive in Kandy, I will not live in a palace. I do not want that. I am not mentally unwell. I am not a son of the palace. I am a son who is committed to public service” – he adds.

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