“Party did not collapse just because major players left” : Navin Dissanayake

“Party did not collapse just because major players left” : Navin Dissanayake

Written by Staff Writer

09 Aug, 2019 | 10:01 pm

Colombo (News1st) – Following an event held in Colombo, Minister Navin Dissanayake responded to questions raised by journalists.

Responding to a question directed from the journalists regarding the new alliance Minister Navin Dissanayake stated that they have reached an agreement on several proposals presented by the group including Chairman of the UNP Kabir Hashim. He noted that they have agreed with some of their ideas as well and that almost 95% of the issues on the alliance is now resolved.

Another question rose whether Sajith Premadasa would come forward as a candidate to which the minister responded that he was unaware about it. He further stated that he did not know who would be the next candidate.
However, the minister agreed that Karu Jayasuriya is one of the names that are being circulated in favour of the presidential candidacy.

“In the political history of our country, we had a mother and a daughter who were once the President and the Prime Minister. What if the uncle and son-in-law become Prime Minister?”, the minister was asked to which he responded that it is not his time and only wants unity within the party.

Journalists brought to his attention that there are members who are willing to go home if Sajith Premadasa does not contest.
The minister responded that the party did not collapse just because major players left alluding to his father and Athulathmudali. “17 went to Mahinda Rajapaksa from our party. We have to work towards a common goal rather than working according to a personal agenda”, he continued.


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