Another water source on the brink of complete destruction

Another water source on the brink of complete destruction

Another water source on the brink of complete destruction

Written by Staff Writer

13 Jul, 2019 | 9:08 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st): The Maharaja Canal that is flowing from Dambulu Oya to Yoda Weva in Mannar through Ritigala is on the brink of complete destruction as it has not been renovated for centuries.

Although authorities never paid attention to this great irrigations civilization, a patriotic retired postal serviceman went the extra mile to make an amazing discovery. Maharaja Canal is believed to be constructed by the King Dhathusena the IVth. It begins from Dambulla and flows through Ritigala to Mannar and is about 40kms long.

Despite the lack of concern of authorities R.S Samaranayaka, a retired postal officer who lives in Kekirawa started a study regarding this four years ago by referring to maps and books. The book on irrigation works in Ceylon authored by a foreigner R. L. Brohier was the main source he used to find information on this canal.

Speaking to News 1st he said that his only request is that this is taken over by the Mahaweli Development Authority legitimately. Since all tanks belong to the Department of Agrarian Services they have also agreed. He further said that he has also consulted the officials of the Wildlife Conservation Department and said that if the problem is resolved that it will solve the issue of water.

Samaranayaka further urges that if this canal is reconstructed it would provide a solution to the lack of water in the Anuradhapura District. A retired Postal officer spends his wealth, time, blood and sweat, to make this discovery.

Is it not the responsibility of the authorities to use this discovery to ensure that this precious irrigation technology is handed down to the next generation?

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