REMAIN CALM : Let’s unite and stand against divisive politics

REMAIN CALM : Let’s unite and stand against divisive politics

REMAIN CALM : Let’s unite and stand against divisive politics

Written by Staff Writer

13 May, 2019 | 8:26 pm

Colombo (News1st) – As reports of unrest from certain areas emerge, our request to the general public is to REMAIN CALM.

The police and security forces are carrying out a valiant effort to maintain law and order as seen by their daily successes, and it is every citizen’s duty to assist and support them at this critical time.

The incidents of violence reported, are clearly the work of those backed by certain political elements. It is the politician, who stands to gain the most out of a spread of violence.

Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans have suffered for decades as a result of the manufactured violence rooted in narrow, self-serving political interests.

Let’s unite as one nation and stand against these attempts to create panic, chaos, and unrest.

Let’s ensure that our people are not used by politicians to achieve their goals, that could ultimately leave a nation that is already struggling and torn apart by interested parties, in an even worse state.

Today, we have so-called leaders who are welcoming foreign states with a red carpet, to intervene in our own affairs. All we can do as citizens is to remind ourselves of the Kandyan kingdom and why it fell; ultimately destroyed by outside elements that were brought in thanks to internal disunity. These are lessons in history we should remind ourselves of at these times.

We all belong to one nation, and one people, one family, let’s remain united and not be used by unscrupulous politicians or nations.

We are the hope we are looking for. We have only ourselves to depend on. We have only one nation, Sri Lanka to call our own.

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