GMOA and Damodara doctors to teach Chief Minister a lesson or two

GMOA and Damodara doctors to teach Chief Minister a lesson or two

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30 Mar, 2019 | 9:46 pm

Colombo (News 1st): The GMOA claims that the Chief Minister of the Uva province, Chamara Sampath Dissanayake had intimidated the Director of Health Services of the Uva province. The GMOA added that they would resort to severe trade union action if the Chief Minister does not apologize to the director in question before April 1st.

The GMOA organized a media briefing at the Badulla General hospital last afternoon to create awareness on the matter. At the media briefing, an audio tape was also played which the GMOA claims is the one where the Chief Minister intimidates the director at his office, in the presence of area residents.

They allege that the row has occurred as a result of the director denying permission for a road which the Chief Minister had attempted to construct, which runs through the Damodara divisional hospital.

On a previous day, stones had been hurled at the official residence of the doctor in charge of the Damodara divisional hospital and the doctors of the Damodara hospital abstained from their duties last evening, protesting against the incident.

Coordinator of the Uva Province GMOA, Dr Palitha Rajapaksha noted that they intend to initiate legal action against Chamara Sampath Dissanayake as he has exceeded his authority and disrespected their trade. He noted that if Dissanayake does not apologize within two days they will teach him an unforgettable lesson.

Currently, the Demodara divisional hospital is closed down and News 1st correspondent in the area noted that area residents and patients are facing a difficult situation due to this issue. In house patients who were receiving treatment at the Demodara divisional hospital have been transferred to the Badulla General Hospital.

At present, several nurses and health workers are all who remain at the Damodara divisional hospital.

The GMOA notes that, if a solution is not provided to this issue by April 1st, several other trade unions will also join this strike action.

News 1st inquired from the Chief Minister of the Uva Province Chamara Sampath Dissanayake regarding this issue. Speaking to News 1st  the Chief Minister said that he called a meeting in keeping with protocol and at that moment commended the director for the good things she had done and criticized her for the shortcomings. He noted that the rest of the officials should know that there was no need for any intimidation.

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