A Special day : Farmers from Kobeigane grateful to Gammadda pay a visit to News 1st

A Special day : Farmers from Kobeigane grateful to Gammadda pay a visit to News 1st

Written by Staff Writer

11 Mar, 2019 | 9:05 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – Today was a special day at News 1st!

In a world where appreciation, gratitude, and thankfulness are virtues that are fading away, a group of farmers decided to visit our News 1st center this morning. They did not, however, come here empty-handed. Clad in new attire, they came with sweetmeats, made with love and affection for the News 1st staff who were excited to welcome them.

They had left their village, Hengamuwa in Kobeigane, early this morning, to get here in time to meet our staff and to thank the Gammadda initiative and the people behind it, in person. This story starts some time back, in the year 2017.

The ‘Gammadda 1000 projects’ initiative set off to provide a solution to the main problem that is faced by the farmers living in Hengamuwa in Kobeigane. Their problem was a dilapidated anicut. This particular anicut, located in the heart of this village, once provided water for over 100 acres of paddy fields and other cultivation in the area. However, due to its dilapidated nature, the farming community in the area could not find the water that they required for their cultivation activities.

With the financial support of ” JIFY Productions Sri Lanka Pvt Ltd who came forward, ‘Gammadda 1000 Projects’ initiative vested the project with the people in less than 2 months. A farmer, who was considered to be the leader of the large group that arrived here explained the story behind the sweetmeats that they brought. He said that “We reaped the harvest and presented it first to the Gods and we thought of bringing the second harvest to Sirasa”

The villagers of Hengamuwa spent time with the News 1st staff and they also saw the operation activities that happen at the heart of the Newsroom. They went back, wishing Gammadda, success.

Today was indeed, a special day at News 1st!

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