NEWS 1ST EXCLUSIVE report on Sri Lankan illegal migration-Final episode

NEWS 1ST EXCLUSIVE report on Sri Lankan illegal migration-Final episode

Written by Staff Writer

07 Mar, 2019 | 12:39 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – News 1st compiled an exclusive report on the unfortunate circumstances that befall Sri Lankans who adopt illegal means to migrate to developed countries like Australia.

With the implementation of strict rules and regulations on illegal migrants to Australia, human traffickers have switched their attention to destinations such as French-owned Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean.

The Sri Lanka Navy reports that they apprehended two hundred and sixty-eight Sri Lankans who attempted to migrate illegally to Réunion Island last year(2018).

It is also noted that eighty-eight Sri Lankans who managed to set their feet on Réunion Island, were returned to Sri Lanka following their arrest.

Kandarooban, a father of two from Mullaitivu is a victim of human traffickers. He was approached by human traffickers in 2012 with enchanting stories of luxury lives people enjoy in Australia.

He had to earn money for his hopeful voyage by pawning all the jewellery he had in his possession. He noted that twelve days into the voyage the engine of the boat malfunctioned and they were stranded only with water. They were taken to a camp on Christmas Island where they were held in detention for two months. Eventually, he was sent back to Sri Lanka, penniless.

Navy media spokesperson, Lieutenant Commander Isuru Sooriyabandara commented on this serious matter saying that attempts to migrate illegally to other countries are full of risks and most probably the Sri Lankan Navy will not be close enough to rescue them. He strongly advised anyone who wants to migrate illegally, should not do so as the Sri Lankan Navy is on high alert.



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