Central Bank Bond Scam : Key points revealed

Central Bank Bond Scam : Key points revealed

Written by Staff Writer

26 Feb, 2019 | 10:14 pm

Colombo (News 1st): On the Newsline program this morning (Feb 26), key points of the greatest financial scam ever perpetrated on the people of Sri Lanka was revealed. Following are the revealed points,

  1. Recommending the appointment of Arjuna Mahendran as Governor, in spite of warnings by the cabinet
  2. Asking President Sirisena to list the Central Bank under the Ministry of National Policy and Economic Affairs where Ranil Wickremesinghe was the Minister
  3. Defending Mahendran after the scam and asking UNP MPs to support Mahendran despite public concern
  4. Publicly confirming (Wickremesinghe) “insisted” that Mahendran changed the system of issuing bonds despite Wickremesinghe having no technical knowledge CLEAR ABUSE OF PRIME MINISTERIAL POWERS
  5. Appointing three UNP lawyers, the Pitipana Committee, although they had no knowledge of the workings of the Central Bank
  6. Expressing strong support of Mahendran, condemning others in parliament on 17.02.2015
  7. Removing a UNP MP serving in COPE, appointing Sujeewa Senesinghe after knowing that COPE would inquire into the scam
  8. Tacitly encouraging MP Senesinghe to write a book justifying Mahendran and the scam
  9. Encouraging UNP MPs to “whitewash” the scam at COPE hearings chaired by D.E.W. Gunasekera
  10. Prevailing on President Sirisena to dissolve parliament one day before the COPE report was to be presented
  11. Tacitly encouraging and supporting MP Senesinghe to obtain “stay order” from court to prevent the COPE report being published.
  12. Prevailing upon all UNP MPs to disagree and insert ” footnotes” to weaken the COPE report
  13. Prevailing upon Ministry officials to coerce Central Bank officials to withdraw objections to “footnotes”
  14. Trying his utmost to have Mahendran reappointed despite misdeeds reported almost daily in the media
  15. Providing a position to Mahendran at the Prime Ministers office in an advisory capacity soon as Mahendran finished as Governor
  16. Attempting to appoint as “consultant to the Ministry of Finance” with perks of an additional ministry secretary to P. Samaresiri, Deputy Governor and controversial chairman of the bond tender board



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