Illegal promotions and perks at Mihin Lanka

Illegal promotions and perks at Mihin Lanka

Written by Staff Writer

05 Oct, 2018 | 1:16 am

COLOMBO (News 1st) – The Presidential Commission of Inquiry into large-scale fraud and corruption at Sri Lanka Airlines and Mihin Lanka convened yet again today (October 04).

Testifying at the Commission, a senior member of the audit department of Mihin Lanka stated that officials within the organization had functioned in a manner violating due process on multiple occasions during the course of the airline being in operation.

He stated that on multiple occasions, officials had been overpaid for their work even counting for periods that they were absent and that although the money was recovered, shortcomings on the side of the administration had led to these issues.

In addition, it was revealed that five Management level officials working at the Airline had been given undue promotions post – 2015, which the audit department official said had taken place without the advisory of the Human Resources department.

He also revealed that there were financial repercussions to these promotions as they had been backdated by 3 months. The audit department had advised that all the appointees be removed from their offices.

It was also revealed that there was an information leak within the organization, which saw the salaries of top management officials revealed. Further, it was revealed that management officials were given considerable increments disregarding the fact that the airline wasn’t performing extremely well.

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