A Police underworld?

A Police underworld?

A Police underworld?

Written by Staff Writer

25 Aug, 2018 | 11:54 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – Minister Field Marshal, Sarath Fonseka making a controversial statement in Parliament yesterday (August 24) questioned if there was a rise in what he called the “police underworld.”

He also questioned about the arrest of certain individuals who were involved in politics alongside him, for cases filed against them in the past.

Speaking at the Parliament, the Minister stated that a number of youth from his electorate, Kelaniya have been repeatedly arrested after informing the newspaper.  The Minister also continued to say that some of those engaged in politics with him, had various cases brought against them in the past, and they are yet to be granted bail.

“The STF raided the residence of one of the youth. They searched the house for nearly six hours and found nothing. They took him away because there was a packet of cannabis in a canal which was eighty meters away from the house” the Minister added.

The Minister continued to say that, on the 06th of July, the STF and police had taken away the brother-in-law of one of his followers and had tortured him for hours.

Minister Fonseka questioned the state democracy in the country when such things continue to take place.

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