Foreign tours of state leaders and their ROI

Foreign tours of state leaders and their ROI

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15 May, 2018 | 1:07 am

COLOMBO (News 1st) – The official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that the positions of High Commissioners in the UK and Kenya and Ambassadors to the US, Russia, and Brazil are vacant.

The position of Ambassador to the United States, a major international influence for the country politically, economically and in terms of foreign policy, has been vacant for nine months. The position of Sri Lankan Ambassador to Russia, another major international partner, has been vacant since March while the position of High Commissioner in the UK has been vacant for three months.

The president and the Prime Minister have engaged in over ten foreign tours during the past two years.

The tours are as follows;

  • 16th January 2017 – Prime Minister’s official visit to Switzerland
  • 13th February 2017 Prime Minister’s four-day official visit to Australia
  • 10th of April 2017 Prime Minister engages in a 5-day official visit to Japan
  • 16th April 2017 Prime Minister visits Vietnam
  • 11th of March 2018 President travels to India to attend the International Solar Power Convention.
  • 12th March 2018 President travels to Japan
  • 18th of April 2018 President travels to England to attend CHOGM
  • 12th May 2018 President travels to Iran

Though the political leaders traveled overseas using public money, did the country receive any investments as a result of these foreign tours?

According to the Convener of the Voice Against Corruption, Wasantha Samarasinghe, before investment flows into our country the relevant heads of mission have to be appointed and after the appointments, programs have to be created with regard to creating opportunities for trade.

Prof. Ranjith Bandara of the Colombo University states that the foreign investors are reluctant to invest in Sri Lanka and as a result, there are no new jobs that are created here in Sri Lanka. He said that the economy in Sri Lanka is stagnant as there are no new investments coming into the country.

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