Gammadda program launched to clean up Shripadasthanaya

Gammadda program launched to clean up Shripadasthanaya

Gammadda program launched to clean up Shripadasthanaya

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07 Mar, 2018 | 1:27 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – A program was launched today (March 7) in a partnership of the Air Force to mark their 67th Anniversary, to clean up The Shripadasthanaya, a religious site that has been subject to reverence by people both at home and abroad.

This was under the sponsorship of the News1st Gammada initiative.

Adam’s Peak is a location that is subject to veneration due to the presence of the footprint of Lord Buddha is known by many names including Samanthakutaya, Samanala Kanda and Shri Pathula among others.

The right to venerate Adam’s Peak is not limited to any particular race, religion, caste or gender and is open to all.

This is the period often known as the “Siri Pada” season. The time during which Adam’s Peak is open to devotees.

The Uduvap Poya day signifies the start ‘Siripa Karuna’ period and draws the attention of thousands who flock here from all over the country.

But these people destroy the wonderfully diverse environment around this holy site by dumping garbage everywhere.

Citing this, the News first Gammadda initiative joined hands with the Air Force to clean up the Adam’s Peak.

The team engaged in religious activities at the Maussakelle Saman Devalaya then proceeded to the Adam’s Peak.

They began their task from the Samachethaya in Nallanthanniya on the Samanala Kanda and will be moving forward with the objective of repairing the damaged staircases as well.

It is the responsibility of all of us as Sri Lankans to protect this historic site that is subject to the reverence of the world.

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