EXCLUSIVE: A look at all the ‘big red Fire Trucks’ at SL Fire Department (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE: A look at all the ‘big red Fire Trucks’ at SL Fire Department (VIDEO)

Written by Lahiru Fernando

06 Jan, 2018 | 10:45 pm

The Sri Lankan Fire Department is one of those things which we Sri Lankan’s never really give a thought about.

But when we are surrounded by a burning inferno…. the case is different.

We at newsfirst.lk have been bringing to you a series on Fire Safety and things you need to know on surviving a fire.

This time however, we are going to talk about the Fire Department and their big ‘Water Guns’ -so to speak.

It’s always a fascinating thing to see a fire engine. As kids it always excited us to see a big, red, shiny fire engine breeze past us at full speed.

The following are two videos which are dedicated to our inner six-year-old self who always wanted to know how a fire engine functioned.

And not to mention those who are actually curious about the equipment.

Let’s cut to it, shall we? – this is the first video…

Okay so that was the variety of fire engines, water bowsers and sky-lifts owned by the C.M.C. Fire Department.

But this next video we have for you -boy, oh boy! this guy is the big one!

This next truck, is the mother of all fire trucks!(owned by our Fire Department).

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