Barack Obama’s letters to college girlfriend unveiled

Barack Obama’s letters to college girlfriend unveiled

By Keshala Dias

20 Oct, 2017 | 7:07 pm

Angst-ridden love letters written by former United States President Barack Obama, to his college girlfriend Alexandra McNear, have been made public, providing a glimpse into his intellectual development and shedding insight into his thoughts about race, class and money.

The series of nine handwritten letters were written 35 years ago.

Not all the letters are romantic in nature, and some were written after the couple broke up. In many, Obama struggles with self-identity, feelings of loneliness and his dreams for the future.

In the first letter of the collection, on September 26, 1982, Obama writes from the campus café in Columbia, where he had transferred to as a junior in 1981.

In the letter, he wrote about how “quickly the class lines are being drawn” with old friends moving into the roles that society seems to prescribe for them.

The letters which were acquired by Emory University’s Rose Library in 2014, have only now been published.