GMOA strikes again – Requests public to not enter Colombo (Video)

GMOA strikes again – Requests public to not enter Colombo (Video)

By Lahiru Fernando

Sep 12, 2017 | 10:34 pm

The GMOA is striking. Again.

While it’s barely news anymore, this time they have taken things up a notch.

Vehicular processions against SAITM travelled through parts of Sri Lanka on Tuesday, September 12. While that happened, GMOA members began a strike across the districts where the vehicle processions travelled through.

The affected districts are as follows;

  • Jaffna
  • Kilionchchci
  • Mannar
  • Mullativu
  • Trincomalee
  • Polonnaruwa
  • Batticaloa
  • Hambantota

The rally saw the participation of political activists from trade unions, members of the Joint Opposition, JVP and Frontline Socialist Party.

The people’s voices


“I brought my child here to get medicine without even sending them to school. And now they are not even issuing medicine.”

“These people need to be removed and new doctors need to be recruited. Everything they ask for is given to them. It is the innocent people who die.”


“All they can do is strike. They must be severely punished. I am not afraid. This strike won’t help anyone else but themselves. The innocent people are at the receiving end.”

“We travelled on a one and a half mile long road full of elephants to get here.”

“They have no sympathy towards the people. Their strike will never end.”


“My pressure has gone up to 170. There is no medicine nor doctor to tell this to.”

“I was unable to come because I have cancer and diabetes. But now when I do, they say there is no medicine.”

“Only God can help us now. What can we do, if we do not have money to get medicine. It is better to drink consume poison.”

Dr. Haritha AluthgeWhile the people are continuing to suffer at the hands of doctors who are supposed to be treating and saving their lives, this is what the GMOA Secretary had to say:

“We request the general public not to enter Colombo unless it is absolutely necessary because the vehicular processions will arrive at Lipton Roundabout in Colombo which will create a massive traffic congestion. Close to 5000 vehicle are expected to arrive in Colombo, – Dr. Haritha Aluthge (Secretary – GMOA)

Dr. Nalinda Herath

Also, GMOA’s Editor Nalinda Herath said the following on June 23, 2017

Students are now left with the only option of taking up arms. We warned the government in advance that this issue will come to a point where students will get agitated and respond with violence. But they ignored us.”

What is the Government Medical Officers’ Association preparing for
by constantly
threatening and intimidating the public?

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