Project Loon saga: Questions keep mounting on ICTA

Project Loon saga: Questions keep mounting on ICTA

Project Loon saga: Questions keep mounting on ICTA

Written by Staff Writer

10 Mar, 2017 | 11:02 pm

The  “Project Loon” saga has been going on now for quite a while with ICTA and its CEO Muhunthan Canagey falling at the centre of at what seems to be a controversy.

Today, the story takes another turn – Minister of Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure Harin Fernando says that the plan was to provide 4G through the balloon and not Free WiFi. “The people in the government also do not know what was done with balloon”, he said.

Well, Dr. Manodha Gamage (Former Consultant – TRCSL) had this to say…

The explanation of the officials is that the Google Loon project did not incur any expenses to the country and that it was only a experimental project.

However –

What was the total amount that was spent for the event that was held to launch the Google Loon Project in Sri Lanka?

How were companies selected to provide services for these events?

Was the total cost of launch event approved by the board of Directors of ICTA?

In addition…

What were the other costs incurred by ICTA on this project for clearance of equipment and custom duties?

Was an expense incurred when sending back the debris of the crashed Google Loon Balloon?

Did the ICTA board of directors approve the payment for the costs incurred?

Who funded the project?

The people of this country need to know the truth.

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