Will not allow injustice to be caused to local university medical students: President

Will not allow injustice to be caused to local university medical students: President

By Tharushan Fernando

09 Feb, 2017 | 7:57 pm

President Maithripala Sirisena, during an event in Nuwara Eliya today, pledged that he will not allow any injustice to take place to the medical students of local universities due to the SAITM Private Medical College in Malabe.

PRESIDENTSpeaking to the masses, President Sirisena commented on the issues surrounding SAITM pointing out that between 75,000 to 80,000 students go to overseas universities and it must be ensured that they remain here by providing them the required facilities.

He added that each and every educational institution must be of a high standard.
“With regard to the issue on SAITM in Malabe , I must make it clear that the Government will solve it justly. I will have discussions with all relevant parties and solve this problem through a reasonable programme which everybody can accept. I must make it clear that, we as the government, will solve this issue. We cannot let the children be misled by groups with vested interests.”.

He vowed that the government will fulfill its responsibility to open the doors for the students to win the competitive world in a fair society – and the programme of the government will bring justice to every student, while being impartial.

“As the President of the country I am not partial to any party in this issue. ” he said.
HousePresident Maithripala Sirisena vested the new village named Hutvilpura in Nuwara Eliya, with public today. The new village, Hutvilpura, contains of 150 new houses.

The village was constructed with the aim of providing new homes to those living in line houses.The houses of this village each have 550 square feet in 7 perches, with two rooms, a living room, kitchen and a bathroom.

Former President, Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga said that the President has treated all communities living in the country in an equal manner and he is working with commitment to provide them their rights.

“We may be Sinhalese or Tamil but we need to keep in mind that we are all Sri Lankans. Let us lift the country from this trench it has fallen in to and allow the government to take forward the programmes that is has undertaken …” she said.