Nenasa Skills Development and Training Institute – Caught in the act?

Nenasa Skills Development and Training Institute – Caught in the act?

Nenasa Skills Development and Training Institute – Caught in the act?

Written by Staff Writer

12 Dec, 2016 | 10:01 pm

The Padaviya Police has received a complaint regarding an institution which is collecting money from students -under the guise of holding a literature competition.

The complaint was lodged after a letter was addressed to a number of students from a training centre located at No. 377/1 Shanthi Mawatta, Kirillawala, Kadawatha.

A parent speaking on the issue said:

“Around two months ago, my child sent his art work for an art competition which was taking place at the national level, through the school. A letter was sent to my house on the 9th or the 10th saying that my child had won the competition. When I went through the letter, it indicated a need for finances. and it was highlighted in red letters.”

As mentioned in the letter, in order to qualify as a recipient of the certificate, the contenders were requested to enroll for the one-day leadership programme commissioned by the Nenasa Skills Development and Training Institute.

Students were required to make a payment of Rs. 1,500.

Highlighted in red were letters which said that the contenders can only obtain the certificate indicating their eligibility – only if the entry fee is paid.

The letter, in its disclaimer, had noted that in the event of any attempt to influence the competition and workshop at any level, the student who entered the competition and the school he or she represents could be removed from the competition with immediate effect.

We questioned the Chief Executive officer of the institute, Pataka Kumarasinghe, using a decoy.

Q – Mr. Pataka, when the Principal asked the children to submit their designs for the competition, there was no mention of payment. Why is payment being requested now?

A – “Sir, we are a private institution. In a private institution the primary motive is profit”

Q – “So is this being done with the intention of making a profit?”

A – “We have received more than 100,000 designs. Stamps alone will cost about 2 million rupees. A private institution need not invest two million rupees for such an activity”.

Q – “1,500 rupees each for one hundred thousand submissions is a large amount of money”

A – “You’re correct, your argument is correct”

Q – “The letter also says that the certificate will not be given if payment is not made for the workshop”

A – “No. No. It does not say anywhere that the certificate will not be provided. I can say that responsibly”

Q – “But it says so in the letter my sister sent”.

A – “I am somewhere else. I do not have it with me”.

Q – “Sir, is this being done with the approval of the Education Ministry”.

A – “There is no need for us to get approval. Why should we?”.

Q – “It is an all island student literature competition and you have sent letters to the schools”

A – “There is no need for that. We have very valuable lecturers”

Q – “Sir, who are the lecturers?”

A – “It does not concern you. Know your limits”

Q – “Isn’t it my right to know who the lecturers are before I send my sister?”

A – “There is no need”.

Q – “I am beginning to think that this is a racket”

A – “If that is the word you want to use, then I accept it. Is that enough?”

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