Gratitude, celebrations, relief countrywide as Gammadda-100 forges ahead after 100th day

Gratitude, celebrations, relief countrywide as Gammadda-100 forges ahead after 100th day

Gratitude, celebrations, relief countrywide as Gammadda-100 forges ahead after 100th day

Written by Tharushan Fernando

27 Oct, 2016 | 9:10 pm

With The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited announcing that it would continue with the Gammadda Initiative, events were organised in many parts of the country to express joy on the continuance of this initiative, which has brought happiness to hundreds of rural folk who have waited for years for relief to come their way.

The public across the country, who were provided with clean drinking water facilities, stable roads, bridges, culverts, community halls and basic infrastructure facilities, gathered together in organising multiple celebratory events to mark day 100th of the Gammadda 100 days initiative.

Today, the people of Ilukapathana in Bibila, who struggled for many years without access to drinking water, celebrated the end of that era in a manner which surprised us all.

The people of Hambegamuwa expressed their gratitude to the Presidential Task Force on Prevention of Chronic Kidney Disease and the Sri Lanka Navy in joining hands with News1st in providing them with clean, drinking water.

The villagers in Thanamalwila, Hambegamuwa, Rathambalagama, Janapadagama, Diyawaragama, Aluthwewa, Kiwulegama and Kahakurullanpelessa expressed their appreciation to the Gammadda initiative after receiving clean drinking water after being deprived of this luxury for many generations.

In addition, the Gammadda 100-Day Initiative was also able to construct a Community Centre and a culvert for the Indurugaswewa and Watamadaha, Degal-ara areas respectively.

The construction of a road to Damanayaya, in a matter of days, was one project that caused a pleasant surprise countrywide. There were celebrations among the people in Ussana after they were provided with a bridge.

Following the devastating tsunami in 2004, the people who arrived at the Baptist village in Baddegama were living there for many years without access to clean drinking water. The News 1st Gammadda 100 Days Initiative was able to provide them with clean drinking water.

The road in Keenaketiya was also reconstructed in manner suitable for travel.

Today, all these people showed their appreciation for these efforts that were carried out for them.

The people in Borala, who did not have access to clean drinking water for many years and were provided with this luxury, invoked their blessings for this initiaitive to continue. The locals in Ruwanpura and Gaminipura in Hatton also expressed their gratitude after their thirst was quenched through the Gammadda initiative.

The people of Wilachchiya, Anuradhapura are able to conduct their general activities at the community hall which was constructed under the Gammadda initiative.

The locals in Padikaramaduwa in Galenbindunuwewa invited the News 1st team to celebrate the joy of marking day 100 of the Gammadda 100 day initiative.

For years students in Periya-Paranthan in Kilinochchi had to carry water flasks to school.

However, through the Gammadda Initiative,  we were able to provide them with drinking water facilities located in the school premises, to which the locals expressed their gratitude to News 1st.

The villagers of Uththuchenei and Kaluwankarni who spent most of the time of their life in the search of water, heaved a sigh of relief owing to the  efforts undertaken by the Gammadda initiative to supply water to the village.

The celebration to mark 100 days was organised by the students of the Mahasen Junior school of the Athanakadawala village, together with the villagers of Welikanda.

It was through the Gammadda Initiative that the villagers of Sinhapura were provided with clean, drinking water -and the students of Attanakadawala were provided with a school building.

All these people who organised these events to celebrate the 100 Days, requested for this effort, that brings relief to the people, to continue even further.

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