Opposition spotlights CBSL bond scam and ‘strange happenings’

Opposition spotlights CBSL bond scam and ‘strange happenings’

Opposition spotlights CBSL bond scam and ‘strange happenings’

Written by Tharushan Fernando

06 Oct, 2016 | 9:10 pm

The opposition today alleged that there is an attempt being made by two government MPs to prevent the Auditor General’s report on the Central Bank bond transaction being tabled in Parliament.

The bond transaction at the Central Bank has come under the spotlight once again with Perpetual Treasuries – a company owned by the son-in-law of Arjuan Mahendra , the former Governor of the Central Bank, earning an unusual profit for the year 2015.

Senior Banker,Rusiripala Tennakoon explained that the entire ambit of financing this country is in the hands of the Prime Minister, and when looking at several ministries and their network they are all connected to the prime ministerial office.

He added that the responsibility of resolving this issue, and attending to this matter falls under the Prime Minister because the Central Bank is comes under him. And when recalling various events that were involved with regard to this incident there are a ‘very many strange things that have happened’.

He went on to add that the time has come now where these events must not be pondered over, because statistically proven details are available to the country, of a huge misappropriation or misapplication of rights and principles – and here is a company that has made money on speculative grounds, using the public money.

UPFA MP, Tharaka Balasuriya stated that the Auditor General has provided a report on the Central Bank bond transactions and it clearly notes a loss of 1.6 billion in addition to another loss of 889 million and 784 million, while the report also notes that the Governor of the Central Bank has not acted in a manner that is suitable for a Governor, over this matter.

“Is there any provision to file a case against this or for the Attorney General to inquire in to this matter? “charged the UPFA MP.

He further added that the Joint Opposition called for this report to be tabled in parliament for a debate but there are two MPs who are against the report being tabled in parliament. However, no one can challenge the report of the Auditor General because that is a right given to the Auditor General through the constitution.

UPFA MP, Tharaka Balasuriya explained that this is a good opportunity for COPE because after the JVP was given the Chair it will be seen whether the government is carrying out a whitewash.

“Rumours go on to say that this is being done to fund the elections. I am not trying justify this because it is the first time it took place. It took place not only twice, but thrice. And yet, we can see there is a political need to sweep this under the carpet”, said the MP.

“The Prime Minister is protecting him”,  charged MP Janaka Wakkumbura who further added that the P.M has said that he will not accept any position until proven innocent. And the person who made such a statement has been appointed by the Prime Minister to the unit to provide one million jobs in the country.

Media Spokesperson of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, Minister Dilan Perera called for the questioning of the Prime Minister as to why he appointed a Governor of the Central Bank,  with allegations against him, to the post of Adviser

“The UNP Spokesperson must be questioned on the bane and boon of the party”, said Minister Perera who added that a Presidential Commission and Investigative Committee must be appointed while certain actions of the former governor of the Central Bank are being probed,  COPE must also probe as to how his private company earned such an unusual profit.

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