Remembering Gamini Fonseka on his 12th death anniversary

Remembering Gamini Fonseka on his 12th death anniversary

Remembering Gamini Fonseka on his 12th death anniversary

Written by Lahiru Fernando

30 Sep, 2016 | 9:51 pm

The 12th death anniversary of the late Sri Lankan actor and film director Gamini Fonseka was marked on Friday, September 30.

gf-7Floral tributes were made to the statue of late Gamini Fonseka located opposite the Elphinstone Theater this evening, while artistes and well-wishers alike organised events to commemorate the late Fonseka, who left a lasting legacy in Sri Lankan cinema history.

Meanwhile, a blood donation campaign, organised by the Gamini Fonseka Foundation, took place at the National Blood Transfusion Centre in remembrance of the late actor…

A look back at the life of Gamini Fonseka

Twelve years have passed since the veteran actor who revolutionised the Sri Lankan Film industry with his exceptional acting skills and ogf-0ut-going personality, breathed his last.

Born on  March 21, 1936 in Dehiwala, Gamini Fonseka studied at S. Thomas’ College Mount Lavinia, and showcased a talent for the arts, theatre and drama from an early age.

1956 – In his early years, Gamini Fonseka dreamed of becoming a cameraman. In 1956, his gf-4dream came true when he was able to work on Rekhawa the first film by Lester James Peries, the father of Sri Lankan cinema. He was awarded this opportunity solely due to his brilliant talent on the set.

1959, 1960 – He christened his acting skills in the film Daiwa Yogaya and went on to be cast as the lead actor in the film titled Sandeshaya in 1960.

gfGamini Fonseka appeared in a number of roles in 108 films including: Gam Peraliya, Geta Beraya, Parasathu Mal, Welikathara, Nidhanaya, Sadahatama Oba Mage and Chanchala Rekha.

In addition to his role on set, today, we fondly remember the yeomen service provided by Gamini Fonseka in his capacity as Group Director of The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited.

gf-6Even though Gamini Fonseka breathed his last on a day like this in the year 2004, the contribution he made to the Sinhala Cinema Industry will not be forgotten…




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