Gammadda 100 days: A new future dawns for Egodapitiya

Gammadda 100 days: A new future dawns for Egodapitiya

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27 Sep, 2016 | 9:51 pm

The people of Baptist Village in Galle are unable to erase the unpleasant memories of the tsunami as their request for a drop of clean drinking water has fallen upon deaf ears.

While the first step was taken to provide the Baptist Village in the South with clean drinking water, in the North West of the country, the foundation was laid for the much needed renovation of a community hall and a milk-collecting centre in the Egodapitiya village.

In line with the commencement of providing a milk collecting centre for the people of Egodapitiya, Karuwalagaswewa in Puttalam, the Gammadda 100 day programme also commenced the project to renovate a building for the funeral aide society in Egodapitiya.

The project is being carried out with the assistance of the Sri Lanka Export Credit Insurance Corporation.

The Gammadda 100 day programme has also set aside opportunities for children to showcase their abilities.A drama staged during the opening ceremony caught the attention of all in the village.

With the intervention of Puttalam DIG Attorney-at-Law S.B. Ratnayake, the Gammadda 100 day programme promised to provide aide and assistance to a student who showcased exceptional talent in the drama.

While the Gammadda Saviya Organisation also contributed to this initiative, the organisation was established and active members were recruited.

The people of the Baptist Tsunami Village in Galle bear bitter memories of water.

The locals of this village awaited for a project which will supply them with clean drinking water while having their sight set on a water source located in the area.

The first step taken by the Gammadda 100 day initiative to make the dreams of these people a reality brought a smile among the faces of the village. The water project for the Baptist Village is sponsored by the J.E.W. Jayasuriya Memorial Trust.

With the access road to the Keenaketiya, Ethkandura village in Galle being declared open, the board of officers of the Gammadda Saviya Organisation officially handed over the respective documents to the Gammadda General Secretary.

The initiative will continue its service of bringing joy to the sorrowful hearts of the people – with the contribution of people with bigger hearts.

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