Crisis at Customs: Officials to re-employ retired officers

Crisis at Customs: Officials to re-employ retired officers

Crisis at Customs: Officials to re-employ retired officers

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23 Sep, 2016 | 6:33 am

The work-to-rule campaign which was launched by the Customs Trade Union Alliance demanding that the authorities withdraw the proposed new Customs Ordinance Draft Bill marked its fourth day on Thursday.

The trade union said that the number of documents that were prepared for the inspection of daily imports had dropped from 600 to 200, adding that clearance of stocks had been hampered as well.

Convening Council Member of the Customs Trade Union Alliance Sudath De Silva said that the clearance of freight containers have dropped from 1,500 a day to 300 a day. He also added said:

They are attempting to re-employ retired persons, and implement this forcibly. We urge that such acts not to be followed and make this a mess …”

“… We call on the officials to terminate this process and create a better ordinance with the suggestions and proposals of everyone …”  said Dr. N. S. Kumanayake, Chairman – Customs Officers Union.

According to Director General of Customs Chulananda Perera, the Finance Ministry has announced that retired custom officers will be re-employed on one year contracts due to the trade union action.

Customs spokesperson Dharmasena Kahandawa, while speaking to News1st,  stated that ten retired customs officers had expressed their willingness to return to service.

Meanwhile, Minister of Special Assignment Dr. Sarath Amunugama, said that no one can prevent the entry of new technology as it is essential to the country, especially to the sectors that generate income taxes due to the state and such income can be obtained more efficiently through this technology.

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