#Gammadda100 : Day 55 – Quenching the thirst in Hambegamuwa

#Gammadda100 : Day 55 – Quenching the thirst in Hambegamuwa

#Gammadda100 : Day 55 – Quenching the thirst in Hambegamuwa

Written by Lahiru Fernando

12 Sep, 2016 | 9:44 pm

Water is an absolute necessity for every living being on this planet. Scientists have proven that an average human being needs to consume around 2 to 3 litres of clean water to stay healthy.

Just as for humans, water is also a necessity for trees and other animals as they will not survive without a proper water intake, just like us.

So as you can see, water is an element which we cannot live without. Sadly, a walk around the streets of Colombo will be enough to realise the amount of clean water we waste.

While us, the people privileged enough to have a standard supply of clean drinking water which is great enough for us to take it for granted and waste, there are thousands of Sri Lankans across the country who suffer on a daily basis due to the lack of clean drinking water. People, Sri Lankans like you and I, suffer with kidney diseases in rural areas with most of them perishing before their time as a result of the disease.

Day – 55/100

Quenching the thirst in Hambegamuwa

The residents of Hambegamuwa (Thanamalwila Divisional Secretariat) have suffered for decades due to the lack of clean drinking water. Incidentally, it is also the village which records the highest number of kidney patients in Thanamalwila.

With the assistance of Sri Lanka Navy, the News 1st Gammadda 100 Days initiative commenced work on the project to ensure that these residents have a source of clean drinking water.

“The fortune we received from the Gammadda 100-day initiative does not only benefit the school. Its benefits will be reaped by the entire village”, said M.K. Sugathapala – Principal, Hambegamuwa Primary School.

This is the third water project undertaken in the Thanamalwila Divisional Secretariat area under the Gammadda 100 Day Initiative. The other two projects have already been vested with the public.

“We are immensely overjoyed… We feel reborn. If not for this project we would have to travel 10 to 15 kilometres in search of water. Today, we are free of that. We won’t forget this as long as we live”, said a  female villager.

Join us to make a difference in ones life. To make their future bright. To bring hope for their future generations….

Call our number 011 4 896 896 and make a deposit to Nations Trust Bank account 0111 – 0000 – 2201


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