Pokémon Go makes selective release for iOS and Android

Pokémon Go makes selective release for iOS and Android

Pokémon Go makes selective release for iOS and Android

Written by Tharushan Fernando

07 Jul, 2016 | 7:57 am

During the late 90’s when hand held gaming consoles were entering the a very kiddish market many budding young cartoon enthusiasts dreamed of a day when they would be able to go out in to the world and try and become a ‘Pokemon Master’

On a 8-bit screen with a directional button pad and a ‘A’ and a ‘B’ a generation made their way to the elite four to become the ultimate Pokemon Trainer.


In 2016, these young trainers are now adults and some would consider the market to be faded but yet many fans of the franchise then, seem to still be encapsulated in the idea alongside one or more generation of fans who havae followed in the trend

Nintendo and developer Niantic Labs, have managed to keep the dream alive and brought the revelled game to smartphones, calling it Pokémon Go

And to the disappointment of many, there have been reports of New Zealand and Australia having a head start in kicking off their Pokemon adventure while the Pokémon Company is recommending US and Japan users “please wait for a while” for the app’s official launch in those markets

What is Pokémon Go?


Looking for that career change from a boring desk job to one filled with adventure, well Pokemon Go can’t really change your life nor can it provide you with essential needs of adulthood but will definitely cater to the inner-child that yearns for a shot at being the ‘very best’

For those who haven’t been following the title’s development, the game uses your smartphone’s camera and sensors, as well as location-based algorithms, to place pokémon in the real world. That way, as you travel around to landmarks and notable locations in your city, you can catch the creatures and then train and battle them at gyms


Nintendo keeps quite

Nintendo The Pokémon Company has been awfully quite regarding the app and it release dates with ony a few cryptic hints during an E3 livestream in June. There were indications of a July release but even with the public BETA testing peorid ending on the 30th of June, the creators of the game have been very secretive of any release dates.


While it’s a free app, Pokémon Go does contain microtransactions costing $0.99 to $99.99. You can also purchase a $35 wrist-worn wearable, due out some time this month, that lets you play the game without having to unlock your phone.

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