Price of cement increases by Rs60

Price of cement increases by Rs60

Price of cement increases by Rs60

Written by Staff Writer

02 Jun, 2016 | 10:06 pm

The Consumer Affairs Authority has permitted companies selling cement in the Sri Lankan market to increase the price of a 50Kg cement pack by Rs 60.The price revision came in to effect from June 1st.

Cement is a commodity that was subject to a government controlled price and in order to increase the price, permission needs to be sought from the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA). The decision has been made after a request in this regard was forwarded to the CAA by the cement companies.

The CAA announced that 5 Cement Companies were granted permission to increase the price of a 50kg cement bag by 60 rupees taking in to account the VAT revision, harbor charges and the change in the exchange rates.The price of a 50kg bag of cement which was sold for a maximum price of 870 rupees will now be sold at 930 rupees.

The CAA said that the price revision will be for cement packs with a manufacture date after the 1st of June. Cement manufactured before the 1st of June will be sold at the previous price.

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