Floodwaters that devastated thousands in Colombo recedes

Floodwaters that devastated thousands in Colombo recedes

Floodwaters that devastated thousands in Colombo recedes

Written by Staff Writer

24 May, 2016 | 7:25 pm

The floodwaters that have devastated thousands in Colombo are now receding. However, a visit to the flood affected areas highlighted the plight faced by many who are faced with a new challenge of rebuilding their lives.

Though there is no heavy downpour, intermittent showers continue to hamper effort to rebuild lives in Meetotamulla. And even though the flood waters that lasted for days are receding, the challenges people face are insurmountable.

Meetotamulla was an area that was affected by the massive garbage dump and with the torrential downpour the issue grew even more worse. Waste that came in to contact with flood waters, are now inside many homes.

Many who returned to their homes after many days are now faced with the task of removing the waste from their homes.

All houses in Megoda Kolonnawa are faced with this situation. Electrical equipment, vehicles and even clothes were detroyed by the floods.

The conditions of these houses at present, at not suitable to live in. Most of the waste that came with the floods are in the houses. The people in these areas are attempting to salvage what ever that is left, in order to get up and move on with life.

Many persons who left their houses in Polwatte, an area with was inundated, returned not aware of what was left in their homes. Many who engaged in micro trade, are now faced with a question over their future.

While flood waters are receding in one area, some other places continue to remain inundated. This is the situation in the low lands of Megoda Kolonnawa, Polwatte and Meetotamulla.

Many have sought refuge at temporary locations unable to reach what they used to call home. 1384 persons have taken refuge at the Vidyawardhana Maha Vidyalaya in Wellampitiya.

Among them are 457 school children with no way of going to school. Schools in Kolonnawa remain closed as a majority of them were converted in to relief camps.

Many who were living in comfort in the Commercial Capital of the country saw their belongings get washed away by the waters of the Kelani River. The eyes of the people say a story, one where they are wating for someone to come and support them rebuild their lives.

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