We have not been able to defeat Ealam ideology: President Sirisena

We have not been able to defeat Ealam ideology: President Sirisena

We have not been able to defeat Ealam ideology: President Sirisena

Written by Tharushan Fernando

23 Apr, 2016 | 8:34 pm

The Sri Lanka Freedom Party Ambalangoda Electorate conference took place today under the auspices of President Maithripala Sirisena. Local government representatives from the Galle District were among those present for the conference.

“Even though the sound of war was silenced by the guns of the war heroes, we have not been able to defeat Ealam ideology”, said the President.

He added that the defeat of Ealam ideology of the LTTE sympathisers residing abroad has been forgotten.

He further noted that there was a party meeting in 2014, to reach a decision after it was said that there will be a presidential election  in 2015, and a letter was handed over to the former president requesting not to go for elections but commit to the political reforms and the economic reforms mentioned in the docment. However, it was rejected

“When I stepped out of the government back then, I did not take the membership of another political party”,said the president, who pointed out that it was an agreement with 49 parties and organisations, including the United National Party; while being the general secretary of the party and the agreement clearly noted that national reconciliation must be strengthened among the Sinhala Tamil and Muslim communities so that a war would never take place again in the country. There were certain tasks that should have been undertaken during the post war period.

“If we do not undertake those tasks, we will not be able to prevent a war from happening again in the country”, warned the President

“Mahinda Rajapaksa did not call for an election because his astrologer said so”, said the president, who pointed that the reasons for calling for elections was that the Geneva Resolution of the United Nations Human Rights Commission that was to be taken up in March last year. And there was the serious economic issues that country had to face in 2015 and 2016 with the global economic trend.

He further stated that when the party was handed over the previous leaders, everyone supported those leaders to take the party forward.

“If I was told that I would be given the trouble I face today, I would not have accepted this”, said the President

He went on to add that in order to make this country a positive one, there needs to be a good political party and what needs to be done is not to talk about creating the next government.

He further pointed out that tn order to build a good government first, the Sri Lanka Freedom Party must be made in to a good party

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