News 1st Gammedda in service of the public in Pitigala, Raththota, Galle

News 1st Gammedda in service of the public in Pitigala, Raththota, Galle

News 1st Gammedda in service of the public in Pitigala, Raththota, Galle

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11 Mar, 2016 | 10:43 pm

Sri Lanka’s largest public service initiative, the News 1st Gammedda door-to-door campaign organised to be the voice for the voiceless in remote Sri Lanka took place on Friday centering three provinces.

The campaign which is supported by the University of Peradeniya, will take place until March 18.

The News 1st Gammadda door-to-door  Campaign visited the remote area of North-Pitigala, Haththaka and Manampita in Galle.

One of the main concers raised by the villagers of Haththaka was the lack of a Health Centre. The agrarian community is Manampitiya also presented their issues to News 1st

The lack of drinking water facilities was the primary concern faced by the locals in the Budugedara Watte area in Pitigala.

The News 1st team based in the Eastern Province visited many remote area in Wahankele, Trincomalee where many were plagued by  chronic kidney disease.

The teams visited the Morawewa- Namalwatha area to meet with those were badly affected during the war where the major issue was the lack of infrastructure facilities.

The News 1st team visited the Gammaduwa village in Ambagangakorale, following observances at the Sri Purvarama Raja Maha Temple in Raththota.

These houses were built in 1929 and this is the present state. Please watch video.

The News 1st team also visited the line houses in Inguruwatte, Nagala where the major concern was the dilapidated road system in the area.

Due to the improper construction of the Kuruwawa Bridge in Matale many farmland in the area have been destroyed.

Farmers say this canal which carries water from the Dediwala Oya to the Nikawella Settlements is blocked by the construction of the bridge.

The Raththota – Lohil Road is used as an alternartive to reach Kandy from Raththota and ‘Paraval 7’ area was a primary concern for the locals.

Many villages have lost the only burial grounds in the area as a private owner had come forward to claim ownership.

The lower-area on Nicolai Estate which fell victim to a landslide in 2012 was one of the places which was visited by News 1st. The tragic landslide claimed the lives of nine persons leaving many families helpless.

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