Views expressed on “former CJ Sarath Silva and insanities”

Views expressed on “former CJ Sarath Silva and insanities”

Views expressed on “former CJ Sarath Silva and insanities”

Written by Tharushan Fernando

20 Feb, 2016 | 10:12 pm

Recent statements made by retired former chief justice Sarath N. Silva was criticised on Saturday as well.

Minister of Irrigation and Water Resource Management, Vijith Wijayamuni de Soysa stated that there are various ‘dramas’ are taking place. And back then, when there were cross-overs to the party from the UNP there was a chief justice who permitted that and 17 crossed over, citing that the war needs to be won, and after the war was won another group crossed over.

He further charged that the then chief justice destroyed the UNP, destroyed democracy in the country and made various arbitrary decision to remove the barricades – and persons who used the law in an arbitrary manner are joining the dictatorial ways

Deputy Minister of Transport, Ashoka Abeysinghe noted that Sarath N.Silva recently made a mistake when he said Madduma Bandara is Keppetipola’s son.

“I think they use Sarath N. Silva as they please”, charged the deputy minister who further added that 90 percent of those in the joint opposition should be behind bars and not in parliament.

“I think that former chief Justice Sarath N. Silva is a person who needs to be sent to the Angoda Hospital”, charged the Leader of the National Unity Front, Azad Sally. He added that the Former CJ is saying that Yoshitha is not a thief and not to pursue Yoshitha and CSN.

The NUF leader further noted that Sarath N. Silva is facing a situation where he cannot differentiate between Ehelepola and Keppetipola. And likewise he has confused himself with the accused and the victim. He went on to state “May the Gods Bless the verdicts that he passed.”

“May the Gods Bless the verdicts that he passed” reiterated Azad Sally who went on to note that the former CJ has started saying that the Sirasa Media commenced with the money from the Tigers,  and he was the Chief Justice at that time.

“Why couldn’t you speak of this matter back then”, he questioned. ” There were several cases against the Sirasa Media, but when the Sirasa Media was set ablaze and attacked with a grenade couldn’t you speak and inquire into the money from the Tigers? he asked.

He further stated that when the correct thing is being done, at once the Sirasa Media, Shakthi, MTV and the The Maharaja Organisation have become one’s “with tigers money”  – and this is the type of Chief Justice that was in the country. He needs to be included into the Guinness book of world records “for the persons who went insane before his due time.”

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