JAKARTA ATTACK: 4 out of 5 attackers identified as the dust settles

JAKARTA ATTACK: 4 out of 5 attackers identified as the dust settles

Written by Lahiru Fernando

14 Jan, 2016 | 5:06 pm


Police in Indonesia have identified four out of five of the Jakarta attackers. Twenty-four people were seriously wounded, including an Austrian, a German and a Dutchman in Yesterdays blasts and the gun fight in the indonesian capital.

Police named one,Afif Sunakim, seen carrying a gun and rucksack during the attacks. He was given a seven-year jail term for attending a militant camp.All five died in yesterdays attacks, which left two civilians dead and were claimed by Islamic State.Three arrests were made Today but it is unclear if they are connected.

Security forces battled militants for hours in the busy commercial district where the militants struck.The assault ended when two attackers died in a suicide bombing, police say, with the other three killed in gun battles.

Following recent IS threats, the country, which had been attacked by Islamist militants several times in the past, had been on high alert.


At least 7 people have been killed in a series of bomb and gun attacks in central Jakarta, as gun fire continues in the capitals down town area, says Indonesian police.

Source: BBC

Source: BBC

The Indonesian police stated that the 7 killed include five attackers (three in a shoot-out in front of the Jakarta Theatre, two in a suicide bomb at a police post near Starbucks) and two civilians, one of them Canadian. Police added that around twenty people, including an Algerian, were wounded. The injured list also includes five police officers.

The attacks, which Indonesian Police believe is a bomb attack, began at around 10.30 am (In Indonesia) with a blast outside the Starbucks coffee shop near the Sarinah shopping mall and a UN building, also damaging a nearby police post.

The explosions were reported to have occurred outside the Sarinah shopping centre, close to the presidential palace and UN offices.

More gunfire and explosions were heard in other areas of Jakarta, though the locations are still unknown.

According to the Islamic State-linked media group Aamaaq, IS fighters were behind the armed attacks in the Indonesian capital. The Aamaaq media group has quoted an unspecified source, saying that the attacks were targeted at the foreign nationals in Indonesia as well as the security forces present for their protection.

However, there has so far been no official IS statement.

According to the Reuters media service, an express deliveryman who witnessed the attacks has told them that the attackers were ‘dressed in black and looked professional’.

“I saw the motorcycles rider take out a long gun and shoot at everybody at the site. They looked really professional judging by the way they fired,” the witness called Reza said.

According to officials, the situation is currently under control.

Meanwhile the Jakarta police chief Tito Karnavian has confirmed that the Islamic State terror group is “definitely” behind the attack. According to police chief Karnavian an Indonesian national named Bahrun Naim, who is believed to be working with the IS in Syria, has been planning the attack for a while.

Previously it was admitted by the National Police’s deputy chief, Com Gen Budi Ganawan that there is an IS support group in Solo, central Java, who had been in contact with Bahrun Naim in Syria.

According to the deputy chief, the Indonesian police had received a threat from the group in December, promising to launch a “huge bomb concert” on New Year’s Eve, but was unable to do so because of the huge security presence.

Source: Reuters

Source: Reuters

Indonesian President Joko Widodo (center, wearing a white shirt) visited the attack site and vowed to catch those involved and urged Indonesians to stay calm and “not be frightened by what has happened”.

Furthermore, The UN’s Environment Programme (UNEP) has confirmed that one of its employees have been severely injured during the attacks. The injured UN employee has been identified as a Dutch national who is married with four children and is a renowned expert in forestry and ecosystems. The Dutchman has been providing support to the Indonesian government in combating peat-land fires.

According to the Programme Director Achim Steiner, the injured Dutch national is currently fighting for his life and condemned the attack as “senseless acts of terror”

Traffic returns to Jakarta



Source: Reuters



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