Couple let dog shoot their wedding video (Video)

Couple let dog shoot their wedding video (Video)

Written by Staff Writer

25 Nov, 2015 | 11:48 am

Hiring your friend or a professional videographer to shoot your wedding pictures or videos is usually a common idea unless they’re a tried and true pro.

Apparently, however, that rule doesn’t apply to best friends of the canine variety. But couple Addie and Marshall Burnette, decided to do the unthinkable.

This couple mounted a GoPro camera to their dog and let him document their wedding day from his own unique point of view and entrusted the magnanimous responsibility of capturing the most important event of their lives to – their dog.

They strapped a GoPro camera on to their husky and let her run around during the wedding ceremony that took place on a Roan mountain in Tennessee.

In a YouTube post, Marshall wrote about how they let their dog, Ryder, film their wedding video without any kind of interference. However, they did end up spending quite a bit of their time editing the footage later.

Click the video below to see how exactly a snowy wedding looks from a dog’s perspective,

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