International Summit on Climate Change commences in Colombo

International Summit on Climate Change commences in Colombo

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08 Sep, 2015 | 9:39 pm

The International Summit on Climate Change commenced under the auspices of President Maithripala Sirisena in Colombo on Tuesday, September 08.

The President’s Media Division stated that Sri Lanka is the host nation of the International Summit on Climate Change. The International Summit on Climate Change and Adaptations is taking place under the aegis of the Western Provincial Council.

Delegates from 37 countries from the African, American , European, Asian and Pacific region will attend the summit on Wednesday.

The summit mainly intends to establish contact with sub-national governments and reinforce the network in those continents by promoting the partnerships through mitigation and adaptation strategies regarding climate change with the participation of political and diplomatic representatives and other relevant stakeholders.

Governor of Western Province, K.C. Logeswaran stated that policies of adaption must be reinforced by well-designed programmes as a matter of urgency to eradicate the vulnerability of the agricultural, fisheries, coast conservation irrigation, health, disaster management, power and energy sectors in Sri Lanka.

He went on to note that it is estimated that by 2070, climate change in Sri Lanka is likely to bring average temperature to the highest level in the past 120 years and thus cause irreparable damage to the environment

He added that unless they themselves are alive to this reality and prepare to meet the challenge, the impending disaster will undoubtedly gather momentum to reach devastating proportions.

The newly-constructed swimming pool at the Air Force Base in Ratmalana was declared open by the President. He also engaged in an inspection of the complex during his visit. Air Force personnel also showcased their swimming skills during the event.

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