Giant tortoise walks along Tokyo

Giant tortoise walks along Tokyo

Giant tortoise walks along Tokyo

Written by Staff Writer

17 Jun, 2015 | 7:33 pm

A huge reptile is on the prowl through Tokyo’s streets, but unlike Godzilla, who stomped across Japan’s capital in a blaze of destructive energy, Bon-chan the giant tortoise isn’t doing anything very quickly.

The metre-long African spurred tortoise, which tips the scales at 70 kg, is a regular sight on the streets of Tokyo’s Tsukishima district, as he and owner, Hisao Mitani, take their snail-paced daily walk.

While his fictional forerunner fed — in some incarnations — on nuclear power plants, Bon-chan prefers cabbage and carrots, gently taking them out of the hands of children who rush to greet him.

Bon-chan’s size has made him quite a celebrity in the neighborhood. Tortoises are symbols of longevity in Japan, where local myth says they can live for 10,000 years.

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