Special report on Maradana fire (Watch video)

Special report on Maradana fire (Watch video)

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26 May, 2015 | 9:25 pm

News1st re-visited the scene of the fire that erupted in Maradana on Monday, May 25th, claiming three lives.

Preliminary inquiries have revealed that such incidents occur as a result of the failure to meet minimal safety standards in many buildings.

It was revealed today that the lives of the public are at stake as a number of business establishments and buildings in Colombo do not have emergency exits. This revelation came to light during an inquiry we undertook into the cause of the fire at a restaurant in Maradana yesterday.

The gutted remains of the gutted restaurant bore testament to the tragedy that had been wrought here. The entrance to the restaurant is the only way in or out of the establishment. The building did not have the mandatory back door.

While there would have to be at least 10 feet of free space between the boundary and the back of the building, for construction to be approved, such free space was not to be seen. Thus it was difficult to rescue those who were stuck on the wall at the back of the building. Such buildings have to get the approval of the Fire and Rescue Unit as well as the Municipal Council.

The Colombo Municipal Council too agreed to the views of the Chief of the Fire and Rescue Unit.

Mayor of Colombo Municipal Council A.J.M. Muzzammil says that the Municipal Council has given the approval to carry out this establishment as a restaurant, adding that no certification from the fire brigade was received.

He added that steps have been taken to take legal action against the owner of the restaurant and officials were notified to demolish the building.

Who should be held accountable for operating such unsafe business establishments?

Chief of the Fire and Rescue Unit Rohitha Fernando notes that this is the responsibility of the Municipal Council and the public is also responsible for this.

Will yesterday’s fire in Maradana be an eye-opener to society and the authorities. Only time will tell.


Special Report on Maradana FireFull story: http://goo.gl/MmpB6Y

Posted by Newsfirst.lk on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

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