Ranbhumi Rally for Unity reaches Polonnaruwa (Photos/Video)

Ranbhumi Rally for Unity reaches Polonnaruwa (Photos/Video)

Written by Staff Writer

17 May, 2015 | 10:37 pm

The Ranbhumi Rally for Unity which is journeying across the country carrying the message of harmony and co-existence, reached Polonnaruwa on Sunday (May 17th).

The rally which has already travelled across 24 cities in its journey thus far, commenced day 10 from Padiyathalawa on Sunday morning.

The Ranbhumi rally commenced its journey from Padiyathalawa this morning after obtaining the blessings of the Indigeous people who bear testament to the country’s rich history.

The Ranbhumi rally which aims to spread the message of National Unity was warmly welcomed by the people of Padiyathalawa.

The brick engraved with the name of Padiyathalawa, was passed from hand to hand and placed on the main float of the rally, as a sign of the commitment of the people of Padiyathalawa to national unity.

The Ranbhumi Rally for Unity then proceeded to Mahiyanganaya, and visited the historic Mahiyanganaya Raja Maha Viharaya.

Students of the dhamma school too, joined in the Ranbhumi rally, marking their commitment to National Unity.

Polonnaruwa, the home of the farmers who sustain this nation, was the endpoint of today’s leg of the Ranbhumi rally for unity.

The Ranbhumi rally for Unity arrived in Polonnaruwa to a warm welcome from the people.

The people of Polonnaruwa too, gifted a brick for the Ranbhumi monument, casting aside divisions of religion, community and caste.

The Ranbhumi rally for unity organised by MTV/MBC, News 1st, Colombo Port City and the National Youth Services Council, will travel to Habarana, Kekirawa and Maradankadawala on Monday (May 18th).

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