High-tech bracelet changes design with the touch of a button

High-tech bracelet changes design with the touch of a button

High-tech bracelet changes design with the touch of a button

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29 Mar, 2015 | 5:54 pm

Hungarian start-up Liber 8 has introduced a piece of wearable jewellery that needs no charging, the company says, and allows the user to change its patterns thanks to an integrated e-ink display.

International relations manager of Liber8 Reka Kovacs said. “This is the bracelet of the future. It’s an e-ink, high fashion, high-tech bracelet with a full e-ink display and you can change the pattern on it whenever you want to. So imagine having one luxury bracelet with literally endless designs on its surface,”

Liber 8 put their bracelet called ‘Tago Arc’ up for crowd funding in February and within 24 hours they had already reached their target of 40,000 USD.

By the end of their campaign, which finished last week, they surpassed their funding goal by collecting 104,000 USD.

The team at LIBER8 believe they have created the next level of customisable jewellery, while coming up with a new philosophy for the future development of similar products.

Kovacs said. “You go in the app, you choose your design that you want to display on the bracelet, you click on it, you buy it or you download it depending on the setting of that particular design, then you touch your smart phone to your bracelet, you click picture transfer and with the picture energy gets transferred on to the bracelet as well, you wait ten seconds and you have the new design on the bracelet,”

The ‘Tago Arc’ design uses an e-ink display like the ones used in e-book readers and an NFC chip which changes the design on the bracelet.

The wearable industry has been developing over the past five to ten years to produce consumer electronics such as smart watches and glasses.

The company is working to build a community of designers and artists who will create patterns for the app.

Customers can also take their own images, upload and modify them in the app to fit into the black and white bracelet image.

LIBER8 are also looking for large design houses to make patterns to match the new season’s looks.

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