Country’s inflation will dip in 2015: ADB Economics Officer

Country’s inflation will dip in 2015: ADB Economics Officer

Written by Bella Dalima

24 Mar, 2015 | 5:46 pm

Senior Economics Officer of the Asian Development Bank, Tadateru Hayashi says that the country's inflation will dip in 2015.

The Flagship Economic Publication of the Sri Lanka resident mission of the  Asian Development Bank Asian Development Outlook 2015
was launched on Tuesday.

"The inflation will drop from 6% to 2% and this 2% remain entirely in 2015. When the 12 months passed inflation suddenly goes back
 to the previous rate, but the jump of inflation in February 2016 happens without any changes in the price index. In this way, we expect that
 the inflation will jump again in 2016 to 5%. But this is because of the technical reason of the base effect,''
said Tadateru Hayashi. 

Tadateru Hayashi also stated that innovation is important for country such as Sri Lanka

The ADO examines the medium term prospects for developing Asia and the Pacific by country and by sub regions.
It includes a comprehensive economic analysis of more than  40 economies of the region. 

The theme for this year's ADO is Financing Asia's Future Growth.

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