Lifting of EU ban on LTTE – Sujeewa Senasinghe makes key observations

Lifting of EU ban on LTTE – Sujeewa Senasinghe makes key observations

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03 Nov, 2014 | 8:49 pm

Speaking at an event held in Kaduwela on Sunday, UNP Parliamentarian Sujeewa Senasinghe, commented on the decision of the EU court to lift the ban on the LTTE.

[quote]KP has been caught and over the past two to three years I looked at the budgets to see if any of the money obtained from selling the LTTE’s gold would be included, but it was not. If it has been sold then it should be included in the budget as revenue. Where are the twenty ships? My friends, no one knows what happened to the twenty ships that were with KP.[/quote]

The UNP parliamentarian further said:

[quote]They failed to send a lawyer to represent the country. A group of organisers of the LTTE filed a case for the ban to be lifted. If you were aware that several of these countries had a case filed against them, then as a stakeholder we could have been represented in that case. The Sri Lankan government could have been represented in that case and could have submitted that the LTTE is an organisation that wreaked destruction and would do so again in the future. Why is it that not even a lawyer was sent to represent Sri Lanka? It is the government that asked for this case to be filed. KP knows another LTTE member in Italy who met with a chief minister in our country. He took KP’s message and told him to file the case and win it somehow. This was done so that the key persons in this government could lift the freeze on all of KP’s assets and take it for themselves. So, who are the traitors now?[/quote]

UNP Western Provincial Councillor S.M. Marikkar was also present at this meeting held to appoint UNP polling booth agents in the Kaduwela Electorate.

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