MP Swaminathan expresses views on the budget

MP Swaminathan expresses views on the budget

Written by Bella Dalima

30 Oct, 2014 | 7:41 pm

Speaking in Parliament on Wednesday, UNP MP D.M. Swaminathan expressed the following views on the budget.

[quote]For the last nine years the government had forgotten the people of this country and were only concentrating mostly on the development of roads and other development projects in Hambantota on the borrowed capital from the Chinese Government, paying excessive interest rates and burdening the people. It is customary that the budget speech is presented at the end of November, but the present budget is being presented in the month of October, merely to satisfy the public, using this as a weapon for intending the presidential election scheduled to be held in the early month of 2015.

The government has given many promises in this budget as an election manifesto but as usual they  will not be able to fulfill their promises. The first budget was enacted by Robert Walpole because of the South Sea Bubble. Today, we have to face the Sri Lankan Sea Bubble to unleash the economic chaos faced in this country by the false promises to the citizens in this budget. In the present budget the North and Eastern Provinces have not been allotted any funds. The judicial system in this country is failing due to the interference of the Executive. If this situation continues there will be an anarchy and the democratic rights of the people will be unprotected.[/quote]


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